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And the fat drummer beats the rhythm with all his heart ....

Well, I'm back - i'm not gonna apologise for not updating 'cos lets face it, i do this all the time. But I will apologise if i have worried anyone, i'm ok and there is nothing to worry about, not dead or anything ;]

Lets see now, i haven't updated for about 2 or 3 months so i guess i should start at the beginning :

not much happened this month, job hunting as always, trying to survive on scraps and not getting stoned nearly as much as i should, hehe. and as you all may have guessed, my phoneline was cut off hence the sudden stop in updates.

1st was my 21st B'day, woop and also the day i got a job - double woop!! So now i'm working Customer Services for Sky TV, shit wages but the job is interesting, got the phoneline reconnected but was working too damn hard to spend much time online. Due a bunch of cash from my Dad as well, some kinda insurance fund matured when i turned 21 but didn't get around to e-mailing him until last week either due to busyness.

Still working, met a girl Joanne on a night out with some guys from work on the 15th i think, ben going out with here since then ... wow that makes it almost a month now, cool :D She's a bit of a rock chick but too quiet, even by my standards so i can't see it lasting much longer ... to be honest i think i prefer being single (freak?)

Now ... STILL working, surprising myself with that one. Got an e-mail from LJ saying that ioevri1 had commented on my journal today so i thought it best to update it while i had a few minutes.

So that, in a nutshell, is the last 3 months of my life. I'll try and update more often from now on, i promise.
Going home next Sat (22nd) for Xmas and to see my Mum, think it must be almost a year since i last saw her ....

well, getting late so i should hit the sack .... catch up with you all soon

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