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much rejoicing

yay, finally got onto LJ ... couldn't even get te client to log in, ah well, i guess that means it really popular and stuff, hafta getta paid account soon to try and help out, i know it won't be much but i guess every little helps.

also, if anyone remembers the post i put about my HotOrNot Match ..... i finally got chattijng to her yesterday, and she's really f'n cool!!! She only lives like 20 minutes away from here, although she is staying at a friends house until the 3rd, but maybe we will meet up when she goes back home.

errr, prolly some other stuff is should be talking about, oh yeah - go look at my site !!

and uh, the new Incubus album 'Morning View' is available for download from the usual outlets :o]

okiez, gotta grab a shower and go do some shopping, Dan is bugging me :oP
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